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LAG3 Date Update

LAG's 3rd meeting date has now been confirmed as FEBRUARY 10th 2007 (NOT the Feb. 3rd as was provisionally posted). The meeting will take place at our usual venue at Commerce House, Outer Circle Road, Lincoln.

As usual all Amiga enthusiasts are welcome, you don't have to be a member. We usually reconvene for a meal at the local pub/restaurant after the meeting, to which meeting atendees are also welcome.

We look forward to seeing you there!


LAG3 set for February 3rd 2007 (provisional)

Our next meeting will be held on February 3rd 2007 at our usual venue (Commerce House, Outer Circle Road, Lincoln).

As ever, all Amiga enthusiasts are welcome to attend. Do not however this date is PROVISIONAL and as yet has not been 100% confirmed. Please keep checking back for updates.

Please see new post for date.


LAG2 Report

Our second meeting was another great gathering of Amiga minds. All those from LAG1 (MacMiga, rockape, Robert17, gaz-god and cyka), we also welcomed another new member to the club. Steve is a long time friend of gaz-god, and the one held responsible for getting him back into the Amiga scene. Steve is currently working on a project to fit an A4000 and Zorro busboard into the case from and A1500 (don't worry, it was a spare!!). We look forward to seeing more of Steve and how that project is coming along.

We had a good collection of Amiga hardware (and a couple of Windows laptops but we shan't mention those!). 1200s, 4000s, A1s and a Pegaos made up the mix this time out.

As part of the club's continued commitment to assist new members to get up and running, it has put together its resources to loan cyka an Amiga 1200 system with monitor. cyka has been out of the scene for a while but we could tell he was once an Amigan, he happily spent most of the meeting playing Syndicate! We wish him many happy hours of enjoyment from the machine and hope it encourages him to scrape up his hard earned pennies and invest in an Amiga he can call his own!

As ever there is a picture here.


LAG2 to be held 2nd December 2006

The second meeting of the Lincolnshire Amiga Group takes place tomorrow at Commerce House on Outer Circle Road, Lincoln. The meeting will open at 12pm and close at 4:30pm. Attendees are invited to join us for a meal at the Lincolnshire Poacher pub afterwards.