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MacMiga will be bringing along his new EFIKA board to LAG 5 and will (if i can get Linux to install) hopefully give a demo of the EFIKA in action. He will also be fielding questions etc. about the board and it's features.

UPDATE: I can confirm this will be a goer as I have just got it up and running with Debian Linux. Thanks to the guys at Genesi and bplan for their speedy work fixing the Debian install Kernel for EFIKA!


LAG 5 Reminder!

Reminder to all members and/or LAG attendees that the fifth LAG meeting will be held on SATURDAY June 4th at the Lincs Chamber of Commerce, Outer Circle Road Lincoln. We will be starting around 11:30-12:00 hopefully.


LAG 5 Date Confirmed

LINCS AMIGA GROUP have confirmed (well as well as one can) that our next meeting will take place on June 2nd 2007.

We will be meeting at our usual venue at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, Outer Cirlce Road, Lincoln. The meeting will start at 12pm as per usual and will go on until 5pm-ish, with a meal afterwards for those who are able to stay.