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LAG 7 Date Confirmed

LAG 7 will take place at the usual venue, Lincs Chamber of Commerce, Outer Circle Road, Lincoln, on September 15th (Sorry! I got that a bit wrong!!) 2007. Due to key member commitments we are unable to hold it in October as planned, so we're having it early.

The next meeting after this one ( LAG 8 ) will likely be at the usual time of early December.


LAG 6 Reminder

Just a reminder to everyone that the next LAG meeting is THIS SATURDAY (11th August) at our usual venue, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Outer Circle Road, Lincoln.

On display this meeting will be the usual array of Classic and AmigaONE hardware, along with MacMiga and gaz_god's EFIKA projects (which will hopefully both be completed and running by then!).
We will also, circumstances permitting, be doing a rebuild of a Eyetech EZTower-Z4 Amiga 1200, which is undergoing a mainboard swap.

As usual, all are welcome to join us.