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LAG 17 Date Booked

Well, we had a blast at VCF 2010, but unfortunately the proximity of the show means we won't be meeting at the beginning of July, but fear not! We have booked our next meeting.

LAG 17 will take place, appropriately, on July 17th 2010 from 12*PM* to 6 PM at the Graham Matthews Youth Centre, Welton, Lincolnshire.

We hope to see you there!

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  1. I’ll be bringing my recently rescued A1200 030 power tower.

  2. Excellent. If you need any pointers there will be plenty of people on hand with experience in that area.

  3. Hi SpeedoJoe,

    Yup bring it along and we`ll see what we can do.

    Also, can you tell me any specific things you may need please ?

    Regards, Michael

    aka rockape

  4. Was pretty deep into the Amiga scene until 2002, then I sold it to a friend who has until recently been using it as a WHDLoad box. Not sure if I intend to keep it or not, but I certainly won’t be throwing it out.

  5. I always wanted to visit Lincoln so I’m using this as an excuse to come up from London for the weekend! Any tips how to get to the venue? ie. Bus # to catch from central Lincoln?

  6. Hi Colin. If you can give us a place and a time in Lincoln we can organise a pick up and to drop you off after the meeting if you like. We do this regularly for travelling visitors so it’s not a big issue.

    E-mail: with a time and a location and we’ll see what we can arrange.

  7. Hello Michael

    Probably just a TV and the required cable. I have everything else.

  8. Hi SpeedoJoe,

    OK theres a large TV in the youth centre with a scart connector, and I’ll bring the “Lag Bag” which has lots of spare bits in.

    Regards, Michael

    aka rockape

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