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LAG Venue progress

Good (and bad) news everyone:

Hi LAGittes,

On Monday the 17th of September I visited The Welton Village Hall and took some
photographs to show the committee. They approved the location.

So, I have written to the supervisor and I’m still waiting for confirmation for
“LAG” to use “The Welton Room” (with WiFi) on the first Saturday of every
second month.

I’m now waiting a reply of confirmation and then we will arrange a date for LAG

So LAG 18 is not this weekend.

Keep an eye out on this mailing list, here and the Amiga sites for news.

Regards, rockape

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A word about Security

It's come to my attention recently that there are a lot of automated bots or spammers around registering false WordPress accounts who are attempting to prey on people who don't keep WordPress updated. I try to do a good job of keeping the WordPress engine up to date here, but I am also sick of getting 3 e-mails a day saying a new user has registered on the site when know full-well that 99% of them are not genuine users!

So here's what I've done. Registration for the site is CLOSED. You can't register as a Subscriber anymore through the site but you can do one of thse alternative things:

  • e-Mail me (Mark Benson) and I can add you by hand
  • Use a RSS Feed Aggregator (if you are familiar with these, they are available for most OSs including Amiga)
  • Join the Mailing List as we announce everything there too.

If you have registered already you should still be in the user list as a Subscriber, but I can't guarantee you didn't get swept out with the fake accounts I deleted. It all gets a bit mazzling when you're looking at 50 users at a time.

I strongly recommend users join the Mailing List, it's our quickest way of getting a message out to everyone in the group. We don't spam users with adverts or unwanted mail and you never know what interesting discussion might crop up!

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