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A word about Security

It's come to my attention recently that there are a lot of automated bots or spammers around registering false WordPress accounts who are attempting to prey on people who don't keep WordPress updated. I try to do a good job of keeping the WordPress engine up to date here, but I am also sick of getting 3 e-mails a day saying a new user has registered on the site when know full-well that 99% of them are not genuine users!

So here's what I've done. Registration for the site is CLOSED. You can't register as a Subscriber anymore through the site but you can do one of thse alternative things:

  • e-Mail me (Mark Benson) and I can add you by hand
  • Use a RSS Feed Aggregator (if you are familiar with these, they are available for most OSs including Amiga)
  • Join the Mailing List as we announce everything there too.

If you have registered already you should still be in the user list as a Subscriber, but I can't guarantee you didn't get swept out with the fake accounts I deleted. It all gets a bit mazzling when you're looking at 50 users at a time.

I strongly recommend users join the Mailing List, it's our quickest way of getting a message out to everyone in the group. We don't spam users with adverts or unwanted mail and you never know what interesting discussion might crop up!

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  1. Hi Matey Blokey,

    Excellent work on the spammers.

    “mazzling” eh ? a new English word :)

    Also, how about adding a disclaimer ref the content of any Links to other sites ?

    Regards, Michael

    aka rockape

  2. I’ll have you know ‘mazzled’ is a good Lincolnshire word that’s been in use for centuries :P

  3. I’ve been mazzled on a number of occasions and if I’m honest I’m currently fairly close to mazzled but I think that a different usage of the word :D

  4. Easy now, Mr god. You’re in danger of proporting too much information ;)

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