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LAG 25 A Success

LAG 25 Was held on Saturday 4th February with 13 Members attending and 1 Prospective new member.

On show were a variety of systems including :-

Amiga X1000 First Contact system Running AmigaOS 4.1.5

Sam 440 Running AmigaOS 4.1.4

Sam 460 Running AmigaOS 4.1.4

Amiga 4000 Desktop in a Power Tower

Amiga 3000 in pieces having a memory board added

2 Amiga 1200 Desktop systems

A Temperamental CD32 (Which worked in the end)

And Finally an A600

Robert17's Mini meeting report.

The meeting kicked off at 12 noon with the usual wide variety of systems, and the unexpected showing of a (just out this week) X1000 system. Myself and Rockape were able to connect to the halls wireless internet connection. James a.k.a HiddenEvil fitted his Amiga 3000 Zip to Simm converter. I had the chance to use my new 4-Player adaptor from Amigakit - 4 Player Gauntlet II was good fun, we'll hopefully try some more 4-Player supported games at the next meeting.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday 7th April (Easter Saturday)


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