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LAG meeting 36 will be held on Saturday the 4th of January 2014.

LAG meeting 36 will be held on Saturday the 4th of January 2014 from 11:AM - 4:PM in the Welton Village Hall, Welton-by-Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.

About Lincs Amiga User Group aka "LAG".


For location


GoogleMaps Post Code LN2 3LU,GB

There is a bus stop outside which the buses from - to Lincoln use.

Cost will be approx 4UKP. WiFi/Tea/Coffee included.

Also, Please ask if you need transport from - to Lincoln Station.

Regards, Michael

aka rockape

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Amiga 1200/Blizzard/MKII/SCSI system with 32 meg of Fast RAM

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  1. Have not used this gear for over 20 years

    Offers invited
    Amiga 500 with A500-HD+ GVP Impact Series II
    Power Unit\Cumana CAX 354
    DVE Switched Piower Supply

    Commodore Ketboard
    Commodore 1084S Video Monitor

    Phillips CM 8833-II

    Two Amiga 1500s

    Their is also an animation set up used with Take 2 on one oif the 1500s

    Two cameras
    1) Fuginon-TV zoom lens C6X127 59 1:1,8/175 – 105

    2) Hitachi Denshi Ltd
    CCTV camera CXomputar TV Lens 16mm 1: 1,4

    Plus Krokus Repro baseboard and column stand with lights
    You take away

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