Rik Mayal is dead.


Allthough a non Amiga related post Rik and his cohourt Edward Hitler were the source of many a double-entendre and revolving gag at many LAG meetings.

Rik was only aged 56 years old when he died..

See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-27770266

“Rik Mayall’s hit comedies included The Young Ones and Bottom

British comedian and actor Rik Mayall has died aged 56, according to his manager.

He played the obnoxious, poetry-writing anarchist Rick in The Young Ones alongside his friend, Adrian Edmonson.

The duo later went on to star in Bottom and he was also known for appearances in shows including Blackadder and The New Statesman.

He was left seriously ill after a quad bike accident in 1998 which left him in a coma for several days.”

RIP mate, you where a true star who cheered us up 🙂

Regards, Michael

aka rockae

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