“RobertB’s Visit During LAG 38”


I received the following E-Mail from our USA Friend Robert Bernardo of “Fresno Commodore User Group” after he visited the LAG 38 Meeting.


“Dear Mike,

On Mon, July 7, 2014 3:07 am, you wrote:

I would like to thank you for your visit to our small user group at “LAG
meting no 38” in Lincolnshire on Saturday the 5th of July 2014.

Thank you for having me at your meeting!

I shared the “Californian” Chocolate out among our user group and they
said it tasted nice 🙂


We hope you have a safe journey home…

Thank you. I leave on Wednesday.

…and perhaps you may be able to visit us again in another 3 years time ?

Of course. That is my goal.

When you do come back, we can drop down to the “Dambusters Pub” again and see
what has been added.

Oh, more things are being added all the time?

Please keep checking our web site for the LAG 38 report.

I will.

Again many thanks for your visit we all enjoyed meeting you.

You were most hospitable. I will show my photos and video of your club to my clubs, the Fresno Commodore User Group and the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network.

Robert Bernardo”

Posted using an

Amiga 1200/Blizzard/MKII/SCSI system with 32 meg of Fast RAM

Regards, Michael

aka rockape

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