Next meet 1st June

Lincolnshire Amiga Group’s Upcoming Meeting on June 1st: Get Ready for Amiga Enthusiasm and Retro Computing Fun!

Mark your calendars! LAG is gearing up for another fun filled day on June 1st. This gathering promises to be an exciting opportunity for Amiga fans to connect, share their retro computing experiences, and showcase their impressive Amiga setups or is often the case. Bring along whatever it might be that they have been tinkering away on since the clubs last meeting.

As per usual there will be a table setup in the centre of the hall for anyone looking so upcycle or sell gear they are looking to off load.

If you haven’t yet come to one of our meets, I encourage you to come, with or without an Amiga. If the C64 or Spectrum is more your thing, bring it along.

Meeting times are as follows:
11:00AM –  5:00PM
Entrance fee: £10
(Free tea & coffee provided)
There is also a co-op less than 2 minutes walk from the hall for anyone looking to buy a sandwich, snacks or drink etc.

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