LAG 4 Report – finally!

Yes, I have got around to it at last. What with dying of various ailments (colds, hayfever etc…), work (and its associated effects) and then shooting off to London for 5 days, I haven’t had a chance to make up any decent excuses for not writing the reports!

Still, here we are. LAG 4 went really well, probably our best meeting yet computing-wise. We managed to get 4 Amigas online via the events wireless thanks to Gaz and Mark’s efforts in wrangling with the network and Miami respectively.

We were able to take a quick look at the second beta of the Sputnik web browser for MorphOS (coming soon to OS 4?). It’s definitely work in progress but it’s getting there!

There were plenty of Amigas of all types, displaying the usual wide array of games, applications and utilities, including 3D rendering, Web Browsers and classic games of Amiga time, like Speedball 2 and Seek & Destroy.

We had a great day, and can’t wait to do it all again at the next meeting… speaking of which the next meeting (LAG 5) is pencilled in for June 2nd 2007. Once again we are at the Chamber of Commerce, Outer Cirlce Road, Lincoln. All comers welcome.