LAG 16 Booked

LAG 16 is booked on Saturday the 3rd of April 2010.

Please note the change in timings !!!

*From* *12* *PM* *untill* *6* *PM.*

The venue is The Graham Matthews Youth Centre in the grounds of The William
Farr School, Welton, Lincolnshire. England.

Google Map LN2 3JB.

Cost will be approx 4UKP

My profuse and abounded apologies to those who pointed out the time was wrong!

4 thoughts on “LAG 16 Booked”

  1. On EAB you have it posted as being from 12AM to 6PM (an overnight event).

  2. Hi all,

    Twas me what done the dirty deed, yes it should have read “12PM”, call it a senior moment 🙂

    So it’s not his Macnesses fault, he simply trusted me and copied and pasted my E-Mail to him.

    Regards, Michael

    aka rockape

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