IBrowse ver 2.5 available soon.


See http://www.ibrowse-dev.net/ib25-news.php


“To get the bad news out of the way first, IBrowse 2.5 isn’t available yet, and is unlikely to be in 2017.

However, we are working hard on finalising things for release, including making keys available for purchase again, to coincide with the 2.5 release. Originally, IBrowse 2.5 was supposed to mainly be the OS4 port of IBrowse 2.4, but obviously many years have since passed and many other changes have been made.”

“New Features

OS4 Native Version Added (OS4.1 Final Edition Required)

In addition to the OS3 68k version of IBrowse, an OS4 PPC native version will also be available.

This is not a simple port, but we have taken great care to ensure it fully utilises of all the relevant new features avaiable in OS4 and as such requires a minimum of OS4.1 Final Edition. Uses the new graphics.library RTG system, dropping CyberGraphX support completely. Other features include faster image rendering using hardware compositing, anti-aliased text rendering and proper daylight saving time handling.”

Not this year but hopefully early next year, looks good.

Regards, Michael

aka rockape

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