5th, August – LAG 79

As August approaches, it’s time to start planning for meet 79 and what kit to bring. I’ve recently added a CDTV to my collection of Commodore computers and I’m fully planning on bringing it along to the next meet along with whatever software I can get my mitts on. Have you recently added anything to your collection?

It’s certainly an interesting time in the Amiga scene, new games being released, multiple magazines to choose from and only this weekend the UK’s largest Amiga event “Kickstart” is being held, organised by Retro Hours own, Ravi Abbot.

I for one can’t recall when we last had it so good, certainly buying new boxed games is without a doubt amazing and my many thanks go to the many talented developers still supporting the humble Amiga.


For a long time I’ve felt the CDTV was somewhat enigmatic, having never really established itself as the A500 had done before it. At the time Compact Disc was still a novelty, it wasn’t until they became common in PC’s that they really took hold in the computer market. The debate as to why the CDTV didn’t succeed has been the subject of debate for years. Personally I think Commodore dropped the ball, not knowing how to market the CDTV. Either way it’s going to be fun getting to know its quirks and play around with a computer I know little to nothing about. So come to LAG 79, you’re sure to see me sitting at a table, scratching my head and wondering what I’m doing.

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