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LAG 15 to be postponed

It is with regret that I must announce LAG 15 is postponed until further notice. This is due to personal reasons.

We will announce a new date when we know the situation better. This will likely be in the new year. First Saturday in February is a logical aim at this time but until we know how things are going to pan it's not possible to set a date.

We're very sorry we won't see those attending before Christmas but, as the old saying goes, 'Shit Happens'

Thanks for your understanding and we hope to reconvene soon!

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  1. Hi,

    The Shit just happens to be my mother being seriously ill and me needing to be ready to move if her condition got worse.

    Regards, Michael

    aka rockape

  2. Thanks for the update Michael, Wishin’ you all the best and got everything crossed.

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