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About LAG

LINCS AMIGA GROUP is a group of like-minded and enthusiastic supporters of the Amiga computer and AmigaOS. We are dedicated to maintaining and continuing the legacy that is Amiga, keeping the hardware, software and knowledge of Amiga technology old and new alive for ayone who is interested in joining in with what is a truly unique computing community.

The group officially formed on October 7th 2006 at our inaugural meeting.

We actively encourage participation in club events from both members and non-members, even if you don't intend to join the club at that time. As such, all Amiga enthusiasts are welcome at our meetings, provided you respect the club's position, and also respect the facilities provided. Ideally we would like to know in advance if you wish to attend but if you cannot get in touch with us for any reason but are able to make get to the meeting don't hesitate to turn up!

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  1. Hello.

    My name is David, I just stumble on your site (better late than never).
    In the old good days I have been supporting A500\1000 users in Israel, Still miss the time when 1MB of memory was more than enough to run any application.
    Today I hold a wireless communication business and radio chip development.
    I will be happy to join your club + support as possible.


  2. Hi andy here found your site while looking for some info on cf cards, glad to see people still using amiga im sad to sasy i gave up about 99 but have since picked up a 1200 3.1 roms, 030, which loving playing all the games again, i am from the lincoln area but moved away if visiting family any time coincides with one of your meets will pop in say hello.

  3. I possess an Amiga 500 complete outfit with cables, midi interface, external floppy drive, software packages (including some never opened). Open to offers if anyone is interested. Location Leicestershire.

  4. I am a retired Amiga user since 1993 I have about 30 disk boxes full of disks some originals some copies with various Amiga’s A500 couple of 1200’s and more two monitors all the Amiga Format mags except numbers 1&2 need to get rid for the space if any one is interested could they contact my E-Mail address a little bit of money would be helpful. Thank you for your time here’s a waiting a reply

  5. Hey there would you mind letting me know which webhost you’re utilizing?
    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different internet browsers and I must say this
    blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good
    internet hosting provider at a fair price? Many thanks,
    I appreciate it!

  6. Hi all,

    Just been pointed here on IRC from Rockape.
    Have an A1500 with a GVP II board fitted with a 52meg Quantum Fireball and 45meg junk Seagate. I say junk because I have to bang the drive hard to get it to spin up!
    So, how do I join?



  7. i have a considerable amount of amigas ,add on’s plus software ,user manuals and memory for expansion boards open to offers if any of your members interested.


  8. I’ve old amiga discs to get rid of, free to collect, if any enthusiast could use.

  9. Although I am now a PC user, I still own an Amiga A1200. This excellent machine has been invaluable to me over years, I created my own Electronics CAD program, well basically Dpaint 4, with some modifications.

    I have all my Circuit diagrams stored as IFF files, and would welcome any help to Transfer them to my PC, for future use and reference. ( I can then start working on my Projects again!)

    If any of your Members can help me achieve this, I would be very grateful and let them have All, my Amiga stuff, including: My A1200/Accelerator board & Loads of CDROMS. (Including: many Original Games etc.)

    Thinking about it, would it be best to Attend one of your meetings to discuss this in more detail!.

    If I am welcome to attend your next available meeting. Please contact me, as I would find it Very interesting and maybe my input could be beneficial to other members!.

    kind regards,

    Stephen Spencer.

  10. Am I “Alone” I have sent emails & Interest in LAG. Only to have “NO” response @ All.

    I “Only” wanted Information & Help. To “Transfer” my AMIGA A1200, IFF Photo`s to my P.C.

    “Surely” there must be “Someone” who can help!.

    S.M.Spencer. (14-02-2015.)

  11. Hi Stephen,

    Your neither mate.

    We have had some server trubs as well as my illness stopping me from browsing.

    Let us know your plan and we’ll sort something out.

    Kind regards, Michael

    aka rockape

  12. Hi Stephen, don’t know if you got a response to your question? I’m a fellow Amigan & just passing thru’ this board & not a member. I’m sure there’s far better advice out there but i would mention a number of Amiga programs like AdPro, Photogenics & a few more that will handle converting your iff files on your Amiga to jpg format. You then need to get them onto your PC. I assume you don’t have an Amiga email set-up? Otherwise you could email yourself the files. If you have an Amiga cd burner you could transfer them that way. You could get a PCMCIA card for your A1200 (or a CF card). Copy files onto it and transfer to PC with a PCMCIA reader for your PC. I don’t know if the PC will recognise the PCMCIA card thou’ without using something like Amiga Forever? Someone brighter than me could let you know. Additionally I believe early versions of Photoshop can read iff files. Your would still need PCMCIA/cd burner and possibly Amiga Forever to get them on your PC. would have a lot of what you might want. Hope helps, I am a bit of an Amiga lightweight…

  13. Additional – just copied an iff onto a CF card via Amiga PCMCIA slot. Didn’t bother to convert it to jpg. Popped it onto my Mac and Photoshop opened the iff without any trouble. Assume it would be the same on a PC.

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