LAG 73 – 6th August



The Lincolnshire Amiga group shall be holding its third meeting of 2022 and we welcome you to join us for a day of computers, gaming, tea, coffee, biscuits, obscure 80s references and questionable humour. The order in which you experience these things is entirely optional! If you only have an Atari ST or Super Nintendo, that’s fine, bring it along. Many LAG members are in to other platforms, aside from the Amiga, so it’s not uncommon to find an old Amstrad CPC or Macintosh at one of our meets.

As always we hope LAG 73 will continue the tradition and see the likes of Amiga’s, Spectrums, C64’s, Amstrads and Raspberry Pi’s in attendance.

The meeting shall begin at 12:PM and end at 5:PM.

COVID Safety Measures

As we are all aware, COVID is still with us and will be part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, the committee is dedicated to insuring the safety of it senior memberswhom may be at greater risk from the virus. With that in mind, the committee has put forward the following critia for all anyone attending a meeting

-All those attending the meeting are asked to take a lateral flow prior to arrival and present proof of a negative result before entering. We will have limited number of kits available on the day, should anyone be unable to test at home.
-Use the hand sanitizer provided before to using a fellow members computer

Event Details:

51 Ryland Rd

Cost will be approx £4 (depending on numbers in attendance)

WiFi/Tea/Coffee included.

Also, Please ask if you need transport from – to Lincoln Station.


Stay tuned to this site for any changes to timings.

LAG Chairman

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