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LAG completes it’s first EFIKA project

LAG Members, MacMiga and gaz-god have just completed work on the first of 2 EFIKA-based projects. The project is a small form-factor case for the miniature PowerPC-based board including a 4-port powered USB hub.

Full details are available HERE

The project has also been covered on the blog of Bill Buck & Raquel Velasco



MacMiga will be bringing along his new EFIKA board to LAG 5 and will (if i can get Linux to install) hopefully give a demo of the EFIKA in action. He will also be fielding questions etc. about the board and it's features.

UPDATE: I can confirm this will be a goer as I have just got it up and running with Debian Linux. Thanks to the guys at Genesi and bplan for their speedy work fixing the Debian install Kernel for EFIKA!