LAG 37 Meet report


We had 7.5 members attended and also 2 new members who appreciated the A1200 we gave them.

Remember the LAG Motto “Spread the Joy and not the Smeg”.

I’ve since heard they have installed a CF Card into it and it’s running fine.

Robert17 got Naz’s A1200 On-Line using Robs Phone a network cable and a PCMCIA Network Card bought from AmigaKit.

The online connection also used a TP-Link Router with DD-WRT Firmware to act as a bridge from wireless to wired.

I got straight On-Line using WiFi with my A1200 Desktop/Blizzard 1260 and 64 Meg of Fast Ram and a PCMCIA Network Card bought from AmigaKit.

Regards, Michael

aka rockape

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Amiga 1200/Blizzard/MKII/SCSI system with 32 meg of Fast RAM

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  1. hello i have ask for 5/0714 off work but book full but may let me have day off i let u known more when i do

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