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Slight Blog Update

Just upgraded WordPress to prevent evil insurgents and put a new theme on things just to brighten the page up a bit.

We are currently still in conference Re: LAG 14 but will announce a date soon. Watch This Space!

LAG 3 – What’s On? (Updated)

Just to let you in on what may (or may not!!) be happening at LAG 3 so you have something o look forward to, here’s a rundown of some stuff expected to be at the show (subject to change without notice – we’re only human):

MacMiga’s Amiga1500 – Currently in a bit of a state worse than China, but getting better, I’ve been having mysterious disk and RAM problems. Robert17 and I will have it apart all over the table at LAG 3 trying to diagnose it. Robert17 also wants to test his GVP 2060 (yes a 68060 for the Amiga 2000 – neat huh!) in the machine as he is having motherboard compatibility issues with it on his older Rev 4.x board.

MacMiga’s Ultra600 Project – Amiga 600 meets Mac, this is proof that the A600 can be made into a serious desktop Amiga! More HERE.

Robert17’s AmigaONE XE G4 – Currently I have this on loan, but I’ll be handing it back to Robert at the meeting. It’ll be fired up and on show for all to see running the Final Release version of Amiga OS 4.0.

rockape’s uA1 G3 – Hopefully, with luck and a following wind, MacMiga may be performing an OS4 Final upgrade for all to see (having practiced in controlled conditions on Rob’s A1XE).

gaz_god’s Pegasos(s?) – Gaz will have his Pegasos with MorphOS running at the meeting, as ever. The Peg’s presence at LAG 2 was notable by the fact Gaz spent half them meeting playing Duke Nukem 3d :). Gaz has informed me he hopes to run a demo of the prerelease version of Sputnik, the CSS enabled web browser for MorphOS.