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Slight Blog Update

Just upgraded WordPress to prevent evil insurgents and put a new theme on things just to brighten the page up a bit.

We are currently still in conference Re: LAG 14 but will announce a date soon. Watch This Space!

LAG 11 is GO!

We have confirmed the booking for LAG 11 at the Graham Matthews Youth Centre on Saturday 13th of December 2008 (this coming Saturday).

We hope to see you there and will have our usual wide array of machines on display, hopefully including a SAM440 running OS 4.1.

MacMiga may also be doing a WinUAE installation demo (it all depends if I can stand using Windows for long enough)!

LAG 8 Show report and photos

Wow – I must have had too much coffee right? No not really I just have a much easier way of posting to blogs (the wonders of using Mac OS X, see :)).

LAG 8 went really well, we had a record turnout! We had 9 people at Saturday’s meeting which I believe is an all-time best. We had a lot of varied hardware on display with all the usual suspects, along with newer members Rick and Pete, our Cryptmag regular Barry ‘Wisecracker’ Walker, the every-zany Terl, and Amiga die-hard Steve.

The only frustrations of the day came from Robert17’s Amiga 4000 Desktop suffering a bent pin on a SCSI cable, and both MacMiga’s and Gaz_God’s EFIKA proving Linux really is a very obtuse OS when it doesn’t want to work!!

Photos are online too on our newly upgraded Flickr Pro account:


LAG 8 will happen…

We are planning on holding a 8th LAG meeting at the beginning of December. I can’t currently completely confirm the date but all being well (yes, a long-shot I know) we should be holding it on the 1st December (Saturday) at the usual venue. Not confirmed yet, but that’s when it was planned for at the last meeting (which seems like half a year ago).

LAG 5 Date Confirmed

LINCS AMIGA GROUP have confirmed (well as well as one can) that our next meeting will take place on June 2nd 2007.

We will be meeting at our usual venue at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, Outer Cirlce Road, Lincoln. The meeting will start at 12pm as per usual and will go on until 5pm-ish, with a meal afterwards for those who are able to stay.